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XBasic is a comprehensive program development environment that integrates a powerful editor, compiler, debugger, function libraries and GuiDesigner into a seamless working environment that encompasses the whole process of creating fast, efficient, reliable, portable 32-bit programs.  XBasic screenshot.

XBasic programs can create any number of windows, each of which supports input from keyboard & mouse, and output of text & graphics.  And sophisticated GUI programs are easy to develop with the interactive graphical GuiDesigner built right into the program development environment.

The XBasic program development environment helps you create attractive, efficient programs that are easy to learn and a delight to operate. With the built-in GuiDesigner you create sophisticated GUIs quickly, interactively, and graphically by selecting GUI components from a toolkit and laying them out in design windows.  You can move, resize, arrange, and configure the properties of GUI components in minutes, without writing a line of code.  When you're ready, GuiDesigner converts your design windows into functions and adds them to your program.  When you run your program, these functions automatically create and operate the windows you designed.

XBasic was developed from a clean slate to be simple, consistent, readable, intuitive, and powerful - and 32-bit from the ground up.  As a result, XBasic is free of complexities and implementation dependencies other computer languages could not avoid, given the era in which they developed.  XBasic programs and data can grow to gigantic proportions.  Every program is a 32-bit virtual memory process, so programs and data can greatly exceed the limits of memory.

XBasic is as well suited to novices as programming wizards, and is appropriate for virtually all programming tasks.  For science and engineering, XBasic has an extensive math library; complex-number data-types, operators and function library; a powerful graphics library.  For business, XBasic has 64-bit integers and user-defined types optimized for data-base I/O.  And for system programs, XBasic replaces standard low level mechanisms with high level language alternatives that are considerably easier to read, understand, modify, and maintain.  For all applications, XBasic supports rapid development of compact, efficient, reliable, readable, portable, well structured programs.

XBasic and GuiDesigner are powerful, efficient, professional software tools, appropriate for all kinds of programmers and programming projects. XBasic, GuiDesigner, and the whole program development environment are written in XBasic, and their user interfaces were developed entirely with GuiDesigner.   No other BASIC product has the speed, power and sophistication for programming projects like these, yet XBasic isn't even breathing hard.

interactive program development environment

advanced 32-bit/64-bit BASIC
fast compilation - fast execution
interactive graphical GuiDesigner
multi-platform portable source code
Windows95 - Windows98 - WindowsNT - Linux - UNIX

XBasic on Windows98

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