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      updated  2000/09/09

Windows XBasic

To download XBasic, click on the parts you need below.  If you have not download Windows XBasic before, download and install the XBasic software in plus the HTML documentation in  This release of XBasic runs on Windows95 through WindowsXP (32-bit or 64-bit), and probably beyond.

alternative releases and download sites
Newer releases of Linux XBasic, Windows XBasic, documentation are being created and made available by Eddie Penninkhof and XBasic programmers.  You should download those at . NOTE:  The releases at sourceforge are 5+ years more recent!!!   Also see: .

download Windows XBasic - v6.0023 - 2000/09/09 - 3,146,121 bytes - Windows XBasic development environment - 1,316,561 bytes - XBasic documentation in HTML format - 798,615 bytes - Windows XBasic source code

Make sure your downloaded files are exactly the specified sizes before you attempt to install them.

Also understand that the files at sourceforge are 5+ years more recent.  Get them instead!

install Windows XBasic
Put the downloaded files in the \ directory of one of your hard-drives ( c:\ or d:\ ).   In Windows Explorer, double click each file to upzip (decompress and install) the contained files into your root ( \ ) directory.  You must specify the \ root directory and verify recreate subdirectories is selected in your unzip program (or verify that your unzip program did this by default).

The installation process creates an \xb directory and extracts all XBasic files into the \xb directory and subdirectories of \xb.   No other directories are altered.  The registry is not altered.  You must make sure the upzip process creates a c:\xb or d:\xb directory and puts the bulk of XBasic files (and subdirectories) into it as described, or XBasic will malfunction badly (and convince you to abandon XBasic immediately).

execute Windows XBasic
To create a desktop shortcut for XBasic, run Windows Explorer, get into directory x:\xb, and drag xb.exe to the desktop to create an XBasic shortcut.  When you run XBasic, the version number is displayed on the main window title bar.  If you have Windows95, make a copy of file \xb\xb.dll and rename it \xb\xb.dup.  A bug in Windows95 makes this necessary.  This bug does not seem to exist in Windows98 or later, but if you have problems running XBasic programs, try it anyway.