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      since 2001/01/01 :     

Linux XBasic

Thanks to Eddie Penninkhof, XBasic now works on newer distributions of Linux with glibc6 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.  Those who have older distributions of Linux with glibc5, for example RedHat 5.x, XBasic was probably working okay before but will now crash and burn.  Unless Eddie figures out how to make one distribution work on both, the only solution is to upgrade to a newer distribution.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

To download XBasic, click on the parts you need below.  If you have not download Linux XBasic before, you should download and install the complete XBasic software in xblinux.tar.gz plus the HTML documentation in or the older semi-outdated Microsoft Word 97 documentation in

alternate releases and download sites
Newer releases of Linux XBasic, Windows XBasic, documentation are being created and made available by XBasic programmers, courtesy Eddie Penninkhof.  You can download them at  Trouble downloading from this site?  Try .

download Linux XBasic - v6.0021 - 2000/07/03
  xblinux.tar.gz - 2,242,943 bytes - Linux XBasic development environment - 1,316,608 bytes - XBasic documentation in HTML format - 1,223,718 bytes - XBasic documentation in Word format
  xblinuxsource.tar.gz - 786,171 bytes - Linux XBasic source code

Make sure your downloaded files are exactly the specified sizes before you attempt to install them.

Copy xblinux.tar.gz into your / directory, then follow the installation instructions shown below exactly.  Everything will extract into /usr/xb --- except the XBasic executable which will extract into /usr/bin.  Please install and enable your TrueType fonts on your Linux system.  XBasic looks awful without them.

install Linux XBasic
IMPORTANT:  Write down the following installation instructions and follow them exactly as stated.  Unless you install XBasic exactly as specified, XBasic will not work.

  cd /
  tar xfz xblinux.tar.gz
  cd /usr/xb

You must login as root - the super-user - to install XBasic.

1:  The first line puts you into the / AKA root directory.  You must do this, but don't worry, no files are extracted into the root directory.  All files are put into /usr/xb and subdirectories of /usr/xb - except the XBasic executable file - xb - which is put in /usr/bin .

2:  The second line extracts all the files and puts them where they belong as described above.

3:  The third line puts you in the /usr/xb directory - the XBasic master directory.

4:  The fourth line executes XBasic.  XBasic only works when you have XWindows running.

execute Linux XBasic
Once installed, any user can run XBasic.  When XBasic is first run by any user, the contents of the entire XBasic master directory is copied into $HOME/xb (where $HOME is the users home directory), then $HOME/xb is set to the current working directory.  Thus any user can modify the sample programs or anything else in his XBasic directory without trashing the originals.   When another user runs XBasic for the first time, they too will get a copy of the original unmodified files from /usr/xb.  If you are the only user on your system and don't care to have a backup copy available, you can delete all files in /usr/xb and have only your personal copy.  The XBasic executable for all users is /usr/bin/xb .

bugs in Linux XBasic
Linux XBasic has a few problems.  Depending on window manager and possibly its configuration settings, windows may not be positioned exactly where specified when running XBasic with some window managers.  As soon as we find a way XBasic can definitively establish border-width and title-height of the frames the window-manager puts around windows, and can definitively tell the window-manager where to put windows, these problem will vanish.  These have been a long-time struggles with Linux and UNIX implementations, but hopefully we can solve them soon.

v6.0006 ::: The window position problems described in the previous paragraph are partially corrected and certainly less severe.  The KDE window manager no longer blows up when you maximize XBasic windows.  This was tested with KDE and GNOME.  Please report how XBasic behaves with other window managers.

The XstFindFiles() function in the "xst" function library trashes XBasic if the searched directories include a recursive link = a link to the current directory (and maybe parent or ancestor directory too).  Once the disaster happens, all kinds of strange file-related problem occur - file load and save don't even work.

Please join the free XBasic mail-list forum at to help or be helped.

Many thanks to Doctor XBasic --- that's Eddie Penninkhof.