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XBasic web-pages

XBasic overview - features, capabilities, screenshots.
XBasic newsbits - the latest news and views of XBasic.
XBasic freeware - download & installation instructions.
XBasic questions - frequently asked questions -- FAQs.
XBasic quick-start - begin programming XBasic quickly.
QuickBasic to XBasic - translate QuickBasic to XBasic.
QuickBasic keywords - QuickBasic to XBasic keywords.
XBasic documentation - complete HTML documentation online.
XBasic keywords/operators/scopes/types - language reference.
XBasic projects - enhance & extend applications & documentation.
XBasic e-links - other web-sites with XBasic samples and information.
XBasic forum - mail-list forum for all XBasic programmers - questions, answers, advice, samples, etc.

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Other web-sites contain XBasic information and code too.  The links below will take you to those we know.   Please report additional sites you find and they'll be added below.

XBasic downloads - the official, politically correct XBasic download page, by Eddie Penninkhof.

XBasic - XBasic web-site - links and ever-growing content.