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I have extensive and diverse computer programming experience.  Often I am asked to solve difficult or possibly impossible problems where programming is much less difficult than inventing-developing solutions.  Because I have extensive computer, electronics, mechanical and optical design & implementation experience too, I can also solve difficult problems that require complex and creative integration of many technologies.

programming types

assembly language programming
high level language programming
object oriented design and programming

primary markup and programming languages

microcode - each is device specific
assembly language - many microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors, including :
Z80   CISC microcontroller family   Zilog
8031 / 8052   CISC microcontroller family   Intel
R3xxx / R4xxx   RISC microprocessor family   MIPS / SGI
88100 / 88110   RISC microprocessor family   Motorola
80386 / Pentium   CISC microprocessor family   Intel
RS6000 / PowerPC   RISC microprocessor family   IBM / Motorola
i860 / i960   RISC microcontroller / DSP family   Intel
320C30 / 320C80   RISC microcontroller / DSP family   TI

special expertise

image and pattern recognition
data and image compression / decompression
scientific / astronomical / engineering programming
network programming - client, server, intranet, internet
game design/programming/architecture, DirectX, PSX, AI
2D and 3D graphics algorithms / function / object libraries
interactive graphical user interface development environments
PVM = "parallel virtual machines" - supercomputer multiprocessing
programming languages - design and implement compilers and assemblers
systems programming - system tools - direct to operating system / system calls
scientific instrumentation - control, data / image acquisition / processing / analysis
astronomical telescopes - control, automation, data / image aquisition / processing / analysis
interactive program development environments (edit / compile / debug) - design and implement

programming projects - partial list

computer aided telescope - hardware and software
computer controlled telescope - hardware and software
CNGC catalog - computerized new general catalog of non-stellar objects
optical design / analysis / optimization programs - aberration / geometric / wavefront
XBasic interactive program development environment - compiler / debugger / GuiDesigner
research / development / implementation of "CCC" - "computer conceptual consciousness"
data-image acquisition / processing / analysis / display from CCD and spectrophotometer
commodity futures charting / analysis / prediction programs and web-site server
GIF to BMP and BMP to GIF image conversion software
core 3D graphics game engine for Sony PlayStation
multi-font optical character recognition software
chinese language word processor software
PC game, core game/graphics engine, AI
data and image compression software
image processing software
3D graphics library

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