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schmax optical design
This page describes a flat-field photo-visual schmidt-cassegrain optical system invented by Max Reason.

This optical configuration has 2 aspheric surfaces, a schmidt-corrector and a hyperbolic secondary mirror.  All other surfaces are spherical.  The original 9" f/6 design was designed to be a compact, high-resolution telephoto lens for 6x6cm and 6x7cm SLR camera bodies.   The field corrector lenses are far enough from the focal surface to clear the swing-up SLR mirrors in these cameras.

-----   design specifications   -----

schmax9e_data.gif (18072 bytes)

-----   design layout   -----

schmax9e_design.gif (15065 bytes)

-----   image quality   -----
               spot image                                                   wavefront-interference image

schmax9e_spots.gif (13178 bytes) schmax9e_waves.jpg (39186 bytes)

-----   aberrations   -----

schmax9e_aberrations.gif (19851 bytes)

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