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conventional photography

I have been doing sophisticated photography and darkroom processing of photographic materials since I started taking long exposure astronomical photographs as a kid.  Since then I've exposed and processed many kinds of photographic materials, including :

substrates - roll / sheet / glass plate
emulsions - monochrome / color negative / color positive
emulsion types - conventional / astronomical / scientific / microfilm / display transparency
emulsion treatment - hypersensitized and cooled to reduce long exposure reciprocity failure
substrate sizes - 35mm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm, 4"x5", 8"x10" sheet / plate, spectrosophic plates

digital photography

For many years I have captured conventional and spectroscopic images with linear and area CCDs for scientific purposes, primarily professional astronomy.  In ~1996-1998 I was doing capture and edit of digital images and video with CCD based still and video cameras (video camera; Sony DCR-VX1000 3-CCD).  This was excellent for most digital video applications since it interfaces to the computer with a Pinnacle video capture / editing suite, so all operations are digital :

record original digital images with digital video camera
transfer digital images from digital video camera to computer
edit and process digital images in the computer with software
transfer digital images back onto digital video tape in digital video camera

My primary image editing software is Adobe Premiere / AfterEffects / PhotoShop.  I wrote image processing programs to perform image recognition, image processing, special effects.

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