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I have extensive digital design and development experience, especially in computer CPUs and systems.  My analog experience is less extensive, though I do have special experience in ultra-low-signal processing as encountered in ultra-low-light-level detection with cooled photomultiplier, photo-diode, and CCD image detectors in astronomy.

special expertise

telescope controllers
scientific instrument controllers
microprogrammed and discrete CPUs
microprogrammed and discrete controllers
microprocessors / microcontrollers / DSPs
servo motor control with encoder feedback
stepper motor control including microstepping
CCD and photo-diode image sensor control and image data acquistion
photomultiplier control and signal acquisition - analog and photon-counting

electronics projects - partial list

microprogrammed 16-bit CPU
microprogrammed 32-bit CPU
discrete logic 64-bit RISC CPU
microprogrammed FFT processor
microprogrammed hard-disk controller
microprogrammed video graphics controller
discrete logic memory management controller
microprocessor based CCD image sensor array controller
microprocessor based photo-diode image sensor array controller
microprocessor based computer aided telescope - hardware and software
microprocessor based computer controlled telescope - hardware and software
microprocessor and DSP based image acquisition-recognition-compression controllers

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