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I've been inventing, designing and implementing scientific & technical products and devices for 20+ years.  In recent years my emphasis has been software and new technology development.  I have one design patent, a fundamental natural language patent pending, and one product was awarded industrial design of the year.  Since 1992, I've lived in Wailea, Maui, Hawaii.  I am a private pilot without airplane, write screenplays, was assistant producer of one feature film.

PS: This website is only about 20 years out of date.  Hopefully I can update sometime this millennia! :-o

some special strengths

image sensors - ultra-low light-level
image acquisition, processing and analysis
image and data compression / decompression
scientific instrumentation, real-time control / robotics
compilers, software and GUI development environments
component software - COM, ActiveX, future architectures
artificial intelligence, natural language processing, automatic language translation
C, C++, XBasic, assembly languages, DSPs, microcode, Win32, Linux, UNIX, XWindows, sockets

some other skills

RISC CPU design / implementation
digital & analog electronics design / implementation
design high-performance diffraction-limited photographic optics
fabricate and test diffraction-limited optics, test interferometry
2D and 3D graphics - high-speed fundamental algorithm development
research with professional observatory telescopes and instrumentation
scientific/astronomical photography, hypersensitization, monochrome and color processing

some projects - some many years ago

design & implement optical design and analysis software - view
invent & partially implement uniform data-packet technology
invent & partially implement unicom software component technology
invent & patent breakthrough natural language processing technology
design & implement commodity futures charting and analysis application & web-server - view
design & implement multi-platform integrated software & GUI development environment - view
design & implement 3D graphics engine, camera and object collision & physics - contract project
design & implement isometric graphics engine, player AI for video-game engine - contract project
develop software components that contain/control/aggregate COM/ActiveX components - mshtml
develop software to acquire, process, display spectra from CCD spectrophotographs - view
design & implement high-speed graphics terminal, companion chinese word processor - view
design & implement computer-aided and computer-controlled telescope devices - view
invent new optical configurations with wide-flat-diffraction-limited fields - view
fabricate prototype of my first original optical configuration - view
invent cheap, super-stable, radical consumer telescope - view

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